Plant cloning is an exciting and fulfilling gardening technique. One can take cuttings from a favorite "mother" plant, and make duplicate plants that share the same genetics of the mother plant. The CLONE KIT® can help anyone be successful. Cloning can be done with either soil or rockwool cubes. Everything is included except soil and a mother plant. There's room for at least 10 cuttings.
The CLONE KIT®is made in Oakland, California, and is a new product in the Marginal Design product line. We have a limited number of CLONE KITS®in this first production run, and are seeking feedback from our new customers.

    What is cloning you ask? Click here for information on what cloning is, and how to get ready to do it. There are also instructions on how to set up the CLONE KIT®.
    Step by step instructions on how to clone a geranium plant. In this tutorial we use rockwool.
    Here are some helpful hints for the gardener.
    The CLONE KIT® comes with a two part cover, one for the light and one for the cloning chamber. Included is a fluorescent light, spray bottle, plant cups, rockwool cubes, thermometer and heavy duty tray.
  The CLONE KIT® can be purchased for $55 using Pay Pal.
  The CLONE KIT DELUXE® comes with a super heavy ABS plastic tray and heat mat. Purchase price is $79.